DIY tips for turning boring things into beautiful things in a few simple steps

By Ely. Updated on June 06, 2023.

Whether we own, rent or even live in a parent's house with a pool, we want our surroundings to be pleasant and aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes a full renovation that requires an interior designer, contractor or architect just isn't affordable. No problem, we show you many ways to update and improve your surroundings in an affordable and accessible way. From simply adding a coat of paint, to replacing a few cushions on the couch, to a full floor finish, there's something for everyone and every budget. Creative thinking usually stops at figuring out where to start. This material is for those who are planning to remodel their furnishings and want to figure out what it takes. So sit back and let's see if anything catches our attention.

Deciding to redecorate a room or piece of furniture is the easiest thing to do. It's getting started and figuring out what's needed for the project that makes many of us anxious and prevents us from moving forward. For example, if we're talking about a boring, dull and outdated kitchen and comprehensive remodeling is not an option, consider replacing cabinets. And if it's too expensive or it's about renting an apartment, consider replacing the knobs and buttons of the cabinets, which if chosen thoughtfully can make a statement. Editor's Note: We always recommend consulting a professional before embarking on any home improvement endeavor.

Crown moldings add character

Using moldings and color on tired walls enlivens almost every room in the house. This project can be a little intimidating, especially if the walls aren't level. But look at the new products on the market that solve this problem.

You may need to consult an expert before embarking on a project like this, but we're sure the results are worth the time. See how the living room of this home has changed thanks to the painted moldings. The white doorways and moldings contrast beautifully with the berry-colored walls.

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