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HoReCa Foshan

In this section you can find catalogs of the HoReCa segment in Foshan, which collected design options from the best manufacturers and retailers.

The catalogs presented have everything to emphasize the individuality of your hotel or establishment.

These catalogs cover the entire HoReCa range in different styles and price categories: equipment and furniture for hotels, stores, restaurants and bars.

Shipping Furniture from Foshan

First, decide on the type of shipment: container or consolidated cargo.

Container shipment can be handled by the factory itself.

If you choose a consolidated cargo, you need to independently search for a logistics company that will help with delivery.

Delivery to all countries is carried out in a multimodal way: by rail, sea container, sea container + rail, rail + auto.

Delivery by sea to the nearest port in your region, where the cargo is cleared by customs, and then the cargo is sent to its final destination.

Additionally, you pay customs duties, depending on the country and region, check on the spot.

Pay attention to the insurance condition of the cargo from your logistics company. As a rule, the cargo is bulky, and in the case of damage during delivery, the logistics company must reimburse the insurance value of the goods or restore them.


The manufacturer gives individual terms and conditions for warranties on the goods.

Before purchasing the goods from the manufacturer and making the final payment, be sure to check the quality of the manufactured goods against the ordered sample.

You have the right to request detailed photos and video reports of the products in all angles, with different lighting, with color samples.

You can request the information yourself, your representative in China or a logistics company.

Placement of order and payment in Foshan

Chinese manufacturers don't work on stock. Everything you can buy only to order, production time from 15 to 45 days.

In this category the production time is on average 45 days.

To place an order at the factory, you must make an advance payment of 30%.

You can place an order directly from the manufacturer, or use the services of intermediaries.

Please note that the manufacturer does not ask for more than 30% prepayment.

Life hacks When buying furniture in Foshan

To ensure that the furniture you receive meets all your expectations, be sure to follow the recommendations below:
- Be sure to ask for color samples in different lighting: daylight, studio. This is to avoid distortion of colors by the camera as much as possible.
- When ordering, ask for full measurements of the product and provide a report.
- Ask for detailed photos and videos of all joints, seams, the back of the product.
- Specify options for the interior filling of upholstered furniture.

№1 resource about Foshan and Guangzhou market