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Again, you can fly to China and order everything for your home, apartment, office in the largest shopping malls and markets in the world.

You save time, effort, and money by picking up everything you need in one trip.

You can also order everything online!

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About us

The Foshan.Furniture (Guangzhou.Furniture) Project concerns Guangdong province interior industry. The project engages both furniture (or other products manufactured in China) customers and members of the professional community (manufacturers and sellers).

The project mission is to invite new customers to Guangzhou / Foshan manufactures, to create manufacturers professional community, a conscientious contractors top list, and, as a result, to improve service quality in the market.

We provide the customer, who is going to buy furniture in China, with relevant information about sellers, shopping centers, furniture and other products, logistics, brokerage service, insurance and other details required.

We’re looking to explore the market and do research in a consistent manner and provide the community members with this information, and what is more, to cover the news and all important events.

We are always ready to cooperate with you.

№1 resource about Foshan and Guangzhou market