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Again, you can fly to China and order everything for your home, apartment, office in the largest shopping malls and markets in the world.

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Explore Foshan & Guangzhou

6 picturesque gardens and parks in Foshan

What can you see in Foshan, if you don’t intend to buy some furniture? Gardens that are smothered in flowers, parks with huge Buddha statues and other excellent places worth visiting.

Winter tours: the weather + the gaieties of Foshan and Guangzhou

Walking along gaily decorated streets and four other winter entertainments – don’t miss these opportunities in the whirligig of sofas, chandeliers and other bargains.

One day in Guangzhou: places worth visiting

Make a walk along the streets, get a bird’s-eye view of the night city, look at the building designed by Zaha Hadid and other things tourists’ “must-do list” includes: find time to do them in Guangzhou during your trip!

5 breathtaking Buddhist temples in Foshan and its surroundings

Visit them during your trip and get familiar with astonishing Chinese culture

Haute cuisine: the review of restaurants in Guangzhou selected by the Michelin Guide

We’ve already written that during the trip our clients can choose a diverse range of meals: from porridge, dumplings and McDonald’s cheeseburgers to fried insects and other exotic dishes. This article focuses on gourmet cuisine, so let us tell you about restaurants in Guangzhou selected by the Michelin Guide.

№1 resource about Foshan and Guangzhou market