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Shunde Empire Furniture


Our rating

5/5 stars

Price segment

medium, premium



Opening hours

9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Sunday


Shunde Empire Furniture – is a big Chinese seller that cooperates with companies from 150 countries and regions. Its products could be found at the same named shopping centre that consists of four types of malls: Royal, Modern, Pricerite and Noble. Each of these malls mostly offers classical style furniture, even for children’s rooms. First three malls are located close to each other, Noble is about five-minute walk from them.

Royal and Noble catch all eyes with expensive classical furniture, Modern is known as a fashionable mall, where all new designs of the latest exhibitions are shown. Pricerite is considered to be a shopping centre with  furniture “for clerks and their small flats”, prices here are low: Pricerite sells the most affordable Shunde Empire Furniture goods.


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№1 resource about Foshan and Guangzhou market