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Sunlink Furniture City


Our rating

5/5 stars

Price segment

medium, low-budget, premium



Opening hours

9 am to 6 pm, every day

What is on the market?

There are several «Sunlinks» in Foshan, we are looking for Sunlink South and Sunlink North – southern and northern sectors. They are three-story buildings within walking distance of «Louvre», but with keen prices.

If you want to buy top-quality furniture for drawing rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms, etc., you should visit Sunlink North. Some sectors offer office furniture and equipment, garden furniture and goods for hotels and restaurants.

In case you come to China for handicraft classical furniture don’t miss a chance to visit this shopping center: Sunlink North is famous for the wide range of redwood furniture too.

Explore 12 shops located in this trade center


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№1 resource about Foshan and Guangzhou market