№1 ресурс о мебельном рынке Фошань и Гуанчжоу


Мы запустили услугу комплектации интерьеров на дистанции, где собрали только проверенных партнеров.

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China Ceramics City


Наш рейтинг

5/5 звезд

Ценовой сегмент

premium, medium



Время работы

9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Sunday

Категории товаров

What is on the market?

It’s a well-known shopping center in China, where you can find tile, mosaic, ceramic goods and products for the bathroom. There are items of more than 200 Chinese and foreign brands here, people from a broad spectrum of society come to China Ceramic City to do a bargain.

Besides baths, wash-basins, toilet bowls, mixer taps, and other bathroom fixtures, there are furniture for bathrooms of all the styles from modern to classical. Among tile, porcelain tile, mosaic you will see various types of goods for outside finishing.

You shouldn’t worry about the quality while ordering something here – the sellers of China Ceramic City offer high-quality products from trusted brands.


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№1 ресурс о мебельном рынке Фошань и Гуанчжоу